Bulls For Sale

Take a look the bulls we currently have for sale during 2021. If you would like to know any more information about our herd, please contact us.

All our Bulls are Johne's risk level 1, are BVD & Lepto accredited, have a high herd status, and can be fertility tested. All young bulls are blood tested for IBR. We are happy to run any additional tests for a small charge.

Manby Grange Oren

This is Manby Grange Oren, who carries the f64l double gene. Proved easy calving.

Manby Grange Phantom

Manby Grange Phantom is a super bull with lovely termperament, from a super cow.

Manby Grange Prince

Manby Grange Prince. Mother is a great foundation cow to our herd.

Manby Grange Prancer

Manby Grange Prancer is a Sire Derrygullinane Kingsbull.

Manby Grange Parceforce

Manby Grange Parceforce is from a Euphate mother.

Manby Grange Pretender

Manby Grange Pretender is a Lorenzo bull. His mother is one of our milkest cows, and a main breeder in our herd.

Taurus Data Reserved

Manby Grange Pharaoh

Many Grange Pharaoh is from one of our best cows providing exceptional bulls every year. Easy calving. A great bull for a commercial breeder.

Heifers Sold Out


We have currently sold all of our available heifers. Please take a look at our selection of bulls, and check again soon.